41 Best Skin-Care Products of 2020 | Best of Beauty Awards

Perhaps the most difficult and most gratifying category to test for our annual Best of Beauty Awards is skin care. Results aren’t instantaneous. Sometimes it takes weeks and even months to figure out if a moisturizer is actually strengthening your skin barrier, or if that vitamin C serum really does diminish dark spots. But that’s why we do this. Now more than ever, we want to get great results for ourselves, but especially for you.

It’s a test of an editor’s patience (“I have to try how many products?”), but we swipe, slather, and pat on dozens of skin-care products, hopefully without breaking out in hives, for you, dear reader. We scrubbed with some pretty spectacular (and some maybe-not-so-great) exfoliators, tapped on too many eye creams to count, and peeled with the best of them to bring you this comprehensive list of skin-care winners.

Maybe you’ll fall for the featherlight moisturizer that’s suitable for all skin types, the face oil with superstar calming ingredients, or the sunscreen that doubles as a highlighter. Hell, you’ll love them all — we certainly do. That’s why they’ve earned the title of this year’s winners.

Scroll down to see them all, and then check out the rest of the top picks from the full 2020 Best of Beauty winners list. —Sarah Kinonen

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