33 Stunning Watercolor Tattoo Ideas – Best Watercolor Tattoo Artists

Move over, traditional black-ink tattoos, because watercolor work has made a major splash, and if my social media feed is an indication, the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. [Unlike more traditional tattoos — not to mention the diluted-yet-adorable designs of your art class youth — described as a “beautiful mess” by one artist we spoke to, watercolor tattoos don’t have the solid black outlines of traditional tattoos, giving them a dreamy effect.]

Before we get into some inspiration for your next tattoo, it’s important to know how to care for your watercolor work. The pros say it’s really not any different than caring for a traditional tat. “You care for a watercolor tattoo like you would care for any tattoo,” says tattoo artist Lorri “Lady L” Thomas matter-of-factly. “Make sure that your new art is clean and stays moisturized — I suggest using vegan or non-petroleum based products — and keep it out of direct sunlight. Also, remember not to keep it submerged in water during the healing process.”

Now let’s get into it. Ahead, all the inspiration you need for your first (or next) watercolor tattoo.

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