26 Black-Owned Fashion, Home, and Lifestyle Brands to Shop Immediately

Following the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade (not to mention countless ones over the decades), protests have erupted across the country as people demand an end to systemic anti-Black racism and police brutality. These protests come not even three months after cities began instituting lockdowns due to COVID-19, which has also disproportionately affected Black communities. I’ve largely been at a loss for words while I try to process a myriad of emotions, but I’ve also decided to focus my efforts on supporting Black people in any way I can. 

Showing up doesn’t just look like lacing up your shoes and taking to the streets. It also looks like opening up your purse and donating to anti-racism organizations or spending money with Black-owned brands. Black entrepreneurs face an additional set of obstacles when starting their own businesses. Typically, they will receive less access to grants and loans to finance their endeavors, which spawns other issues that directly impact the business’s success. 

Fortunately, there is something everyday people can do to help, and that’s using our dollars to support Black businesses when those with more power and means won’t. We’ve rounded up 25 Black-owned fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands for you to patronize not just today or this week — but every time you feel like spending money.

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