21 Makeup Brands With Inclusive Foundation Shade Ranges for Dark Skin — Editor Reviews

Although it’s 2020, many foundations are still available in three blanket shades simply dubbed light, medium, and dark. Sometimes, tan, porcelain, or the elusive medium/deep are thrown in there, too. Regardless, many foundations are still lacking in the diversity department (especially when it comes to serving Black customers). Some foundations have more robust ranges, but when you see the shades swatched, you quickly notice they’re just selling 50 shades of beige. Thankfully, beauty brands like Fenty Beauty and Maybelline New York have proved that you can offer up to 42 different hues that match a broad range of skin tones. (Just as every brand should.)

Now and always, it’s important to observe which beauty brands take diversity into account during product development and to support the brands that do. Foundation shade ranges is a small but important sign of that, so we’ve rounded up 21 brands with wide and inclusive shade ranges.

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