16 Signs that you are Eating Too Little to Achieve Weight Loss

As we have always maintained, calorie deficit is the main key to weight loss, but a lot of people, cut down calories drastically in a hope to lose weight at a faster pace, and such a method of crash dieting almost certainly never works. One of the main reasons crash dieting does not lead to sustainable weight loss is that severe calorie restriction lowers metabolism significantly and stalls weight loss altogether. It may also lead to loss of precious muscle rather than burning of fat. Everyone needs a set amount of calories (in men not lesser than 1500 and for women not lesser than 1200), and going sharply lower than the required energy, can prove to be detrimental not only for weight loss, but also for overall general health. Consistently eating less calories can put body into a starvation mode and the body would start conserving fat instead of burning it out. In this post, we would tell you about 16 signs that you are eating too little to achieve weight loss. But before that, let’s understand what calorie deficit (for weight loss) and resting metabolic rate are:

Signs that you are Eating Too Little to Achieve Weight Loss

What is Calorie Deficit?

A calorie deficit occurs when a person consumes fewer calories than those burnt while exercising, resting, or performing basic bodily functions. In contrast, a calorie surplus occurs when a person consumes more calories than those that are burnt, leading to weight gain. In order to have a calorie deficit, the average person must cut down food intake by 500 calories per day. This figure is usually sufficient for weight loss without affecting energy levels, hunger, or bodily functions. For women, the number of calories must not drop below 1200 calories per day, and for men, it should not fall below 1500 calories per day.

What is Resting Metabolic Rate?

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) or resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the rate at which one burns energy even when he/she is in complete resting state. Resting metabolic rate is the amount of calories your body needs to perform its basic functions. Our body would spend that amount of calories even if there’s no physical activity in any form, even at complete rest. When you indulge in physical activity, obviously more calories get burnt.

Signs that you are Eating Too Little to Achieve Weight Loss:

1. You are feeling tired throughout the day: The dip in energy levels due to severe shortage of calories will make you feel tired and irritable for most part of the day. Going lesser than 1000 calories can considerably lower metabolic activity and leave you in a constant state of fatigue.

2. Brain fog: A sharp dip in blood sugar can lead to lack of concentration, confusion, and disorganized and they are commonly called as symptoms of brain fog. Indulge in food that would provide adequate macros, nutrients, and minerals to clear the brain fog and rev up the metabolism.

3. Severe Hair Fall: Our hair and skin gets most affected due to drop in calories, and hair fall can get triggered due to lack of nutrients  because they are preserved to run important body functions, and skin and nails fall last in that priority list.

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4. Hormones go haywire: Crash dieting, where there is severe calorie restriction, can throw all the major hormones into disarray, the hunger hormone ghrelin, thyroid, fullness hormone “leptin” can cause major imbalance in the body.

5. You are always “Hangry” and cannot stop thinking bout food: When food is always on your mind, you need to up the calorie intake, or at least count the calories to reach the requisite level.

6. Infertility: Low amount of calories can affect hormones affecting reproduction and fertility.

7. Lack of periods: When you restrict fat intake completely, it can disrupt the menstrual cycle, and there would be months where you would have no period at all.

8. Low-quality sleep resulting in increased stress: Of course, your stress hormones would be up when there are not enough calories and that can affect sleep quality as well. Switch to Rati Beauty Weight Loss diet program to eat healthy without compromising on health.

9. Reduced Immunity: Not getting enough nutrients and minerals can severely affect the immunity and that’s why you need to take a balanced diet to keep immunity levels high.

10. Feeling Cold all the time: Our bodies need some amount of calories to maintain all functions of the body and that includes maintaining the core temperature, which keeps the body warm. However, with a sharp dip in energy and a decrease in T3 thyroid hormone levels, that body temperature falls and you would reach out for your favorite jacket often. Have you seen how overweight people sweat profusely and underweight people feel “cold” all the time – eat the right amount of calories to maintain optimum temperature.

12. Thyroid Hormone Level: Low calorie intake specifically affects the thyroid gland, resulting in low metabolism and low body temperature. When thyroid gland is impaired due to crash dieting, weight loss becomes difficulty.

13. Digestive Issues: Lack of food, low fiber content, dehydration  will all lead to digestive problems and constipation. Eat more of fiber-rich food to keep the digestive system running smoothly.

14. Loss of Muscle Mass Leads to Sagging Skin: A sharp dip in calories would force the body to conserve fat and reach out for the muscle mass. This kind of weight loss will make the skin sagging and malnourished. Switch to healthy eating and lose weight by doing so by following Rati Beauty diet.

15.You have stopped losing weight for weeks now: Everyone hits a weight loss plateau at least once in their weight loss journey, but if you have been stuck at a certain number for weeks now, even after trying these methods to come out of the plateau, you are not taking in the requisite calories needed to run processes that lead up to weight loss.

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