15 Latinx Owned Beauty Brands Doing It Pa La Cultura

Beauty, or belleza, is a concept Latinxs are quite familiar with. However, while they are a top consumer of beauty products (seven out of 10 non-edible consumer goods purchased by Latinxs are either in the health or beauty category), the diversity of the community has not always been represented or catered to in the beauty industry. It’s a community that spans over 20 countries, includes a multitude of languages that isn’t limited to just Spanish and English, and has a racial and cultural diversity that isn’t often shown in media.

But there are Latinx-owned brands and influencers who are doing that work to help promote a more inclusive image within the beauty industry. For example, in 2014, Carolina Contreras opened up her natural hair salon, Miss Rizos Salon, in the Dominican Republic to push more people to embrace their curls and kinks. Another great example is beauty influencer Monica Veloz (also known as @MonicaStyleMuse) who is constantly promoting beauty brands that serve darker skin tones, or what she calls “morenita-friendly.”

We’ve curated our own list to highlight some of our favorite Latinx-owned brands. So, scroll down and get ready to find amazing products that will make you click “add to your cart” instantly — and over and over.

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