15 Best Locs Hairstyle Ideas — How to Style Your Locs

Whether you’ve spent years growing out your hair or you’re trying them as a temporary protective summer style, locs are a commitment. They can take years if you grow them naturally, or several hours if you have some faux ones installed at the salon. But however long it takes for you to get your locs, having a few simple, cute, and quick ways to style them is an absolute must.

If the celeb set is any indication, there is plenty of inspiration out there for gorgeous loc hairstyles that aren’t terribly difficult to do yourself. We tapped the expert advice of hairstylist Shelby Swain, Chimere Faulk, creator and CEO of Dr. Locs, and Just for Me hairstylist Adrienne Leal, to break down a few amazing, easy looks you can achieve on your own. 

Before you get styling, Swain has one rule of thumb: “Keep your locs moisturized and your scalp clean and properly balanced so your looks will really shine.” A great base is the first step in creating a great hairstyle, after all.

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