10 Best Tips to Overcome your Weight Loss Struggle

The reality of weight loss, which many people come to realise later on, after going through much-hyped fad diets and other time-saving bypass methods, is that there are no shortcuts to lose weight – no pill, no supplement, no magic tea, and no fat cutter can help you lose weight! In fact, you may have serious side effects when you take shortcuts in order to shed some pounds. The most effective method for guaranteed weight loss is by following a good diet and keeping yourself physically active. Losing weight, especially if you are overweight or obese can help get back physical health, energy, and also boost mental health (believe it or not)! For those who are on the verge of giving up because you aren’t seeing any results, here’s a post that would list out 10 Best Tips to Overcome your Weight Loss Struggle.

Best Tips to Overcome your Weight Loss Struggle

1. Take baby steps (like literally) with workout: Don’t hit the gym with a vengeance and go all out with heavy workout sessions because the body is not a candle which would burn all the calories in one go. Weight loss is indeed a “process” in true sense which takes time and dedication and if you burn yourself out within a few days, you would be disappointed because it takes up to three months to see any results. It’s best to start with low impact workout at the gym and brisk walking (if you do not plan to join the gym anytime soon), and then gradually move towards HIIT and high-impact workout.

2. Not Dieting While Exercising: One of the most common mistakes a lot of people make – not minding their diet and not building a calorie deficit while exercising. Instead, a majority of them reward themselves for slogging out in the gym by eating high-calorie food. We have always maintained that weight loss is all about 80% dieting and 20% physical activity and if there’s no proper diet in place, you would tend to gain weight instead of losing. Do check out Rati Beauty diet programs to know how to diet correctly to lose weight without starving yourself.

3. Sleep for at least 7 Hours: You can follow clean eating and workout all day, but if you do not sleep in the night for at least 7 hours, your body would not burn any stored fat. Give your body enough rest and time to reset and shed the excess weight.

4. Have at least one cheat meal in a week: Did we say “cheat meal?” Yes, trick your body once a week with food that you are craving (yes, even pizza is okay) to confuse it about the availability of food so that it reaches out to fat stores when you go back to your regular diet.

5. Share your progress with your friends, family, and even foes: Keeping others posted about your weight loss motivates you to keep going and working hard on yourself. Track your progress by clicking pics and maintaining a journal. This would motivate you and keep you on track.

6. Change workout routine every few weeks: Your body gets used to workouts and stops showing results after a while with the same routine. That’s why it’s necessary to switch workout routines every few weeks. Also, segregate workout routines into “legs day,” “upper body day,” “shoulder day,” “abs/core day,” to isolate and tone those muscles. Check out the workout routines on Rati Beauty for more details.

7. Meal prep in advance: A lot of people go off the track when they are hungry and have no idea of what healthy food to make. Check out Rati Beauty’s weekly diet programs to get healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu so that you can meal prep in advance for the entire week.

8. Weight Loss Plateaus are not the end of Weight Loss: We admit it, weight loss plateau hits everyone real hard and makes us question the whole purpose of dieting and exercising when the weighing scale does not tip in our favour. Consider these plateaus as just bumps on your path and not the end of the road. Here are some ways to overcome weight loss plateau.

9. Make healthy food swaps: Thinking of noodles of all the time? Switch to healthy swaps for your favorite food. Here’s a list of healthy food swaps to include in your diet.

10. Don’t shop for packaged and processed food: We tend to reach out for chips, cupcakes, and other high-calorie packaged stuff because it’s easily accessible and can be found in the pantry or the refrigerator. When you do not bring these things into the home, they do not land in your hands, and find their way into your body. Instead, try these healthy snacking options.

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